The SEO industry is full of ideas, myths, facts and speculation on how to get great google search ranking for a keyword. One of the ‘facts’ is that you need good, well written, original content.

Google Search Ranking

Google Search Ranking

However, this content is very different from content for say a newspaper. There are three important things to remember when writing content for the web –

  • Web content has to be found through ‘blind searches’ comparing the words you enter into a search engine to the words on a web page. This is different from books or newspapers where we browse by looking at the physical product.
  • You must find a keyword for your content that gets searched for. There is no point in publishing content around keywords that no one ever puts into a search engine.
  • A web page is a lot more (generally) than just the article or body content. Many of today’s sites have large ‘mega menus’ and side bars full of information which is ALL TEXT!

Let’s explore these in more detail.

Web Content.

To write quality content that will get found in search engines requires a Master’s Degree in English (if the content is English). Ok that is possibly a little over the top but a Masters certainly would not hinder you.

Many of the companies we have worked with to help improve their rankings have produced a lot of great, eye catching content. The problem is just that, it is eye catching and not search engine friendly. The untrained web author will more often than not, pull on their experience of reading Newspapers and Magazines, writing a ‘catchy’ headline which is what helps sell a newspaper. These headlines rarely contain succinct phrase that the rest of the world would use to search for the content the article is really about.

Web content must be written around a well-researched keyword phrase that is going to pull in searches. That keyword phrase must be used throughout the article, in key places such as the title, header etc. and variations of the phrase woven intelligently into the text.


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