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Web Text Analyzer is the most powerful web page keyword optimization tool on the market.

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The SEO Tool that shows you how to change the text on your website to get better Keyword positions.

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How will Web Text Analyzer help you?
Web Text Analyzer will analyze a page and show you what you need to do to get the keywords ranking.
Try it now. Enter a Webpage URL and a Keyword for that page and see a Snapshot of the recommendations.

Enter Web Page URL:-

Enter your desired Keyword:-

  • Analyze any page of your website to see a complete text breakdown. This includes all the Navigation text
  • Find out how your chosen Keyword is positioned against other words on the page
  • Compare your page to a competitors page to see how the keyword is positioned on their website
  • Check the image text to see how it fits with the keyword
  • Check the link text to see how it fits with the keyword
  • Check the HTML tags are compliant
  • Find hidden text on the page
  • Check both Desktop and Mobile versions of a page
  • See the ALT tag for every image on the page
  • See the Anchor tag for every link on the page
  • See ALL of the text for the page Menus

Comparing Two Web sites for a Keyword

This video shows the power of the keyword optimization tool, comparing two web sites side by side for a keyword and why correct keyword optimization is essential for top keyword rankings.

It clearly shows why one site ranks better than the other site for the keyword.

The Keyword used is 'Dunlop tyres' and the sites analysed are ATS Euromaster and Kwik Fit.

Web Page Keyword Optimization Tool

One of the most overlooked ranking factors for any web page is the text on that page.
Web Text Analyzer will show you a breakdown of all the text on a webpage.
Optimization of the text and getting the ‘Word Balance’ right on a webpage is really important to help the SEO of that page and get ranked for the chosen keyword.
This is even more important now with Google looking at your site in so many ways and trying to understand what a user is searching for.
So for example if you want the page to rank for the keyword ‘fast motor cars’, but the text on the page is mainly talking about ‘the motor industry’ then it is very unlikely the page will rank for ‘fast motor cars’.
Web Text Analyzer allows you to easily see all the text on every page on your site against your chosen keyword for that page. The keyword optimization tool will provide you with a complete breakdown of the text on the page and how your keyword is positioned against all other words on the page.
It will also compare your page to a competitor’s page to help you see how they are using the keywords.

As an example, the focus keyword for this page was worked on to get it to be the main subject of the page and not be 'diluted' by other words on the page. This produced a jump from page 3 to page 1 in under 3 weeks.

Google has removed Content Keywords from the Search Console

If you use Google’s Search Console you will have probably seen by now that they have removed the Content Keywords list from the Index section. This was useful data to give you some idea of the top words on a website.
Web Text Analyser will give you this information and on a much more useful page by page basis.
Try it out, enter a URL in the box and see the top 20 words on any page.


Enter Your URL HERE -

What to Analyze

  • Decide on the web page you want to analyze and enter the URL in the ‘Web Page URL’ field.
  • Enter the keyword phrase the page should be ranking for in the ‘Desired Key Phrase’ field.
  • Select the User Agent you want to check the page against.
  • If you want to compare your page against another website then enter that URL in the ‘Comparison Web Page URL’ field.
  • Depending on the Package you purchase will determine how many Web Page URL searches you can do a month.

Detailed Page Text Breakdown

  • See all the text on a webpage including navigation, header and footer text
  • The key ‘Tags’ are shown separately for Title, Description H1, H2 and H3
  • Page text displayed as ‘text strings’ to easily indentify duplicate and hidden text issues
  • HTML checked to ensure tag consistency e.g. no tags left ‘open’
  • Image details showing File Name, Image Title and Image ALT text
  • Link details showing link Anchor text

Page Display

  • Page displayed as a 'web page' but with menus opened up to display full text
  • See all of the visable text on the page easily
  • See where you keywords are on the page
  • See what words are repeated in menus
  • Find out what words are working against your keyword

Word and Phrase Count

  • Total word count on the page displayed
  • Separate lists for Single Words, Double Word Phrases and Triple Word Phrases
  • Word and Phrase count shown in descending order
  • Percentage of total words or phrases for each word or phrase
  • Chosen keyword highlighted in Green to make it easier to see positions
  • Side by side comparison with Comparison Web Page URL results.

Image Details

  • See all of the images on the page as thumbnails
  • See the ALT text for every image
  • Find out how the ALT text is helping the page keyword

Link Details

  • See all of the Links on the page
  • See the Anchor text for every link
  • Find out how the Anchor text is helping the page keyword
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