Text analysis is essential for getting good keyword rankings for a web page. We designed Web Text Analyzer to provide text analysis of any web page showing the importance of all the words on a page and a complete breakdown of all the key ‘tags’.

Text Analysis

Text Analysis

Broadly speaking there are 3 parts to ranking a website –

  • Structure
  • External Links
  • On page text

Structure is how the site is put together. There are many tools on the market that do an excellent job of crawling a site and providing a report on the structure of the site such as Screaming Frog or Netpeak Spider type tools. Many of these tools also provide some insight into Meta information but they all lack the ability to report the full word structure of a web page instantly.

External Links are mainly used by Google to help them determine where to rank a web page. Tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush and Majestic do a great job of providing feedback on these links.

On page text only really has one tool, Web Text Analyzer, that does a full and comprehensive audit. The tool does a full text analysis of any web page. The tool will also do a side by side comparison of two pages which can be used to compare a page on your own site to a page ranking higher than yours for the same keyword on a competitors site.

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